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Its natural  Binomial name: Christella dentata. Synonyms: Cyclosorus nymphalis, Polypodium dentatum, Dryopteris dentata, Thelypteris dentata, Cyclosorus dentatus,  Christella dentata, arbuscular mycorrhizae, dark septate fungus, Glomus sp. In addition to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), another type of root colonizing. The antibacterial activity of the alcoholic and chloroform extracts of Christella dentata is planned to investigate in present study. Christella dentata is traditionally  Basionym : Polypodium dentatum Forssk. Synonym(s) : Christella dentata (Forssk .) Brownsey & Jermy; Christella malabariensis Holttum; Cyclosorus dentatus (  Synonyms.

Christella dentata

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Outside New Zealand, Christella dentata is widely distributed in the tropics and subtropics of the Old World, from Africa (Roux 2009) to India, Asia, Australia (Bostock 1998) and most of the islands of the Pacific (Holttum 1977). It extends north to the Azores, Madeira and Crete (Brownsey & Jermy 1973), and the name of the species is based on a Christella dentata (Forsskål) Brownsey & Jermy: Common Name: Downy Maiden Fern; Downy Shield Fern: Habitat: ** Associated Ecological Communities: ** Growth Habit: Herb: Duration: Perennial: Category: Vascular: USDA Symbol: THDE4: Plant Notes: ** Taxonomic Notes: ** Status: Not Native, FACW (NWI) References: ** Specimen: A complete overview of the known animal, plant and fungi species biodiversity in the Dutch Caribbean islands Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten. 2012-01-01 · Christella dentata (Forssk.) Brounsey & Jermy (C. dentate) and Christella parasitica (L.) H. Lev, (C.

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undefined. Christella dentata (Forssk.) Brownsey & Jermy. undefined. Davallia denticulata (Burm.f.) Mett.

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Christella dentata

The stalk which is claret (more brown than red) with coppery sheen has a channel running though it. · 2. The bottom four pairs of pinnae are  Christella dentata (Forssk.) Brownsey & Jermy · Synonyms. Thelypteris dentata ( Forssk.) · Common name · Description. Rhizome shortly creeping, c. · Notes. 1775; Christella dentata (Forsskål) Brownsey & Jermy; Cyclosorus dentatus ( Forsskål) Ching; Dryopteris dentata (Forsskål) C. Christensen; D. mollis (Swartz)   Christella dentata (Forssk.) Brownsey & Jermy.

Christella dentata

Christella dentata … Botanical name: Christella dentata. Height: 60cm. This is a fern with a widespread provenance, and there is some variation in form according to location. The form offered here is an attractive shuttlecock or vase-shaped fern to 60cm high with a light downy pubescence that gives the plant a somewhat subdued greyish appearance. Christella dentata is a widespread and variable old world species, showing a wide range of local variation.
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Citation: Brownsey & Jermy. Brit. Fern Gaz. 10:338 (1973). Synonymy: Polypodium dentatum Forsskål, Fl. Aegypt.

Fern Gaz. 10: 338 ( 1973) APNI. Taxonomic status:Accepted. Occurrence status:Present.
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ABSTRACT. Binomial name: Christella dentata.

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INTRODUCTION. Man competes with a number  Christella dentata (Forssk.) Brownsey et Jermy., Christelle dentée, Fougère indigène La Réunion, Famille : Thelypteridaceae - Thelypteridacées. 31 Dic 2011 El helecho Christella dentata, también llamado Cyclosorus dentatus, Cyclosorus nymphalis y Thelypteris dentata, tiene una amplia distribución  Oct 19, 2013 Family: Thelypteridaceae Genus: Christella Common names: Binung ALA reference This moisture loving fern has appeared recently in quite  Christella dentata: Helecho tropical y subtropical que alcanza las Islas También es llamado Cyclosorus dentatus, Cyclosorus nymphalis y Thelypteris dentata. Christella dentata (THELYPTERIDACEAE) Binung Fern A tufting fern to 1 m. Usually found growing along stream banks, on rainforest margins or in open forest.